Paramed Dual Head Stethoscope Review

Paramed Dual Head Stethoscope Review

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Paramed Dual Head Stethoscope: QUICK OVERVIEW



Chest Piece


What We Like

  • Outstanding and prompt customer service
  • Comes with an additional diaphragm and earpieces
  • Acoustics are very clear
  • Long-lasting and easy to carry around

What We Don't Like

  • No locking indication when heads are aligned
  • Earpieces aren’t as soft as some other stethoscopes
  • Hose connection can sometimes slip when switching from bell to diaphragm

Stethoscopes are an absolutely vital piece of medical equipment. They are used by nurses, doctors, and various other medical professionals to help with the diagnosis of health problems. However, searching for the best stethoscope can be challenging because you want to ensure that you get a piece of equipment that is reliable and affordable.

We looked into the Paramed Dual Head Stethoscope so that we can show you exactly what it offers. It’s vital that you know everything there is to know about your stethoscope before you purchase it, so we took great care with gathering dependable and trustworthy information.

Paramed Dual Head Stethoscope Review

Founded in 2014, the Paramed company is customer oriented and focuses on four core values namely care, simplicity, courage, and trust. The company works hard to produce innovative products that help healthcare professionals treat their patients with ease and accuracy. Their products get carefully monitored, and Paramed stays in close contact with their consumers to ensure that they remain happy.

As a bonus, customers can receive advice from qualified specialists before purchasing any products. Paramed offers a wide range of healthcare products and both dual and single-head stethoscopes. We focused on the Dual Head Stethoscope for the sake of this review, as it’s one of their most highly rated products.

Who Is This Product For?

Stethoscopes seem to be a badge of honor in the healthcare industry, and when you see someone wearing one, you know that they’re likely qualified to treat any of your ailments. Mostly, you think of doctors when you think of stethoscopes since they’re one of their primary tools. However, other medical professionals can also use the Paramed Dual Head Stethoscope for the sake of hearing the heartbeat and lungs.

Those who are employed in the nursing field or are assisting physicians, as well as those involved in veterinary medicine would also love this stethoscope. Additionally, medical students can also use it for their practicum, learning, and exams. First responders can also benefit from this stethoscope.

What’s Included?

If you were to purchase the Paramed Classic Dual Head Stethoscope, it comes in a neatly packaged gift box. The gift box makes it easier to give it to a person who has just graduated from medical school, as well as to a nurse, a doctor, or someone in any profession that uses stethoscopes. It’s affordably priced, and you get everything you need in the gift box.

Inside the neat, classic, and simply designed box with the Paramed logo, you can find two replacement ear tips, a name tag holder, an extra diaphragm, and the stethoscope itself. It also comes protected in thick black foam to ensure nothing happens to the product.

Overview of Features

Paramed designed their stethoscope with high-quality, royal latex-free materials inclusive of a stainless steel head and non-chill rim. The stethoscope is anatomically designed and angled to produce clear sound into your ear. It also uses binaural master tubing with softened ear covers to ensure clarity and no interference from both low and high-frequency sounds.

The device is lightweight, durable, and easy to carry. Not only does it offer accurate readings of the heartbeat and lungs, but also helps with blood pressure measurements.

How to Adjust Your Stethoscope’s Earpiece?

Ensuring that the earpieces of your stethoscope fit properly is a critical part of using one. If your earpieces are fitted incorrectly, it might make it challenging for you to hear anything. Here are a few steps to help ensure that your earpieces are fitted properly:

  • Make sure the earpieces are facing forward because if not, you might not be able to hear anything.
  • Ensure that your earpieces are snug and sealed to help keep background noise from interfering with your reading. If you feel like your earpieces aren’t fitting well, they are typically removable, and you can purchase another one from medical supply stores.
  • Tilting your earpieces forward bit-by-bit might also help to secure the fit.

As a side note, remember that the tension of your earpieces is also essential. If they are too loose, you might not hear anything, but if they are too tight, you might cause damage to your own ears. Take the time to find what is comfortable and what works for you.


When searching for an alternative to the Paramed Dual Head Stethoscope, we happened to stumble across the MDF Instruments Dual Head Stethoscope. It’s also a lightweight product that provides high sound performance at an affordable price.

When you purchase the stethoscope, you also receive two extra ComfortSeal ear tips, an additional ultra-sensitive fiber diaphragm, and a name tag. The stethoscope is latex-free, and MDF Instruments offers a lifetime warranty and a free-parts-for-life program. If you’re unable to get the Paramed Dual Head Stethoscope, looking into MDF Instruments is a reliable alternative.


We found that you can’t go wrong with the Paramed Dual Head Stethoscope. It’s incredibly affordable, and for something so wallet-friendly, you don’t usually expect to receive any additional product, but Paramed ensures it’s there.

The sound is clear, and there is minimal background noise so long as the earpieces are put in correctly. The customer service that Paramed provides is also outstanding. If you experience any issues with your stethoscope, they will happily work with you to correct them or provide you with a new product or refund.

If you are on a budget, and can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on the fanciest stethoscope on the market, this is a must buy for you. It works well, does the job, and is comfortable to wear. On the off chance that you find the earpieces uncomfortable, you can remove them and replace them with a pair you like better.

The Paramed Dual Head Stethoscope is going to have you listening to your own and everyone else’s heart in no time!

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