MDF Pulse Time Single Head Stethoscope Review

MDF Pulse Time Single Head Stethoscope Review

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MDF Pulse Time Single Head Stethoscope: QUICK OVERVIEW



Chest Piece


What We Like

  • Comes with an ID tag and an ultra-sensitive fiber diaphragm
  • The clock is durable and precise.
  • Includes unique internal metal chamber for acoustics

What We Don't Like

  • The aluminum chest piece isn’t as great as the stainless steel.
  • Might experience issues with background noise
  • The color contrast might cause problems with reading the clock.

Stethoscopes have been one of the most recognizable tools of doctors for more than 200 years now. They have become the central symbol of someone being a medical expert, and people even decide to buy them for home usage, as they are easy to find and not expensive.

If you’re a doctor, you probably already know about the qualities of stethoscopes, and precisely what you’re looking to buy. If you aren’t versed in medicine but want to purchase one, the MDF Pulse Time Single Head Stethoscope might be a good option. For you to decide better, we will go over its various features.

MDF Pulse Time Single Head Stethoscope Review

MDF Instruments is an American company specializing in making sphygmomanometers, neurological hammers, and stethoscopes. They handcraft their products, ensuring the best possible quality.

MDF Instruments is one of the leading suppliers of medical instruments to many famous NGOs, private hospitals, and clinics. Furthermore, they are voluntarily donating their products to humanitarian organizations, which is all the more reason to trust their brand.

The Pulse Time Stethoscope is only one of many stethoscope models they offer, but is it the best all-around option?

Who Is This Product For?

We can safely recommend the MDF Pulse Time Single Head Stethoscope for professional doctors, young doctors, interns, and medical enthusiasts with nothing tying them to medicine as a science. Whether you want to use it for diagnosing real patients or for experimenting and learning, its quality will not disappoint you.

Many people like to buy a stethoscope when expecting a baby, as it can allow them to listen to the fetus’ heartbeats, and fortunately, this is also possible using this model. However, the MDF Pulse Time Single Head Stethoscope is far from a budget option, and if you are looking to purchase something affordable, but with less quality, you can check out the alternative section of this article.

What’s Included?

Upon purchasing this product, you will get some additional accessories. First, you’ll get a spare of two pairs of ComfortSeal ear tips, as well as a fiber diaphragm in case you need to replace the original one. Also, you will receive an empty ID tag, which is a pretty useful bonus for doctors and those working at medical clinics.

There is no warranty included, but you can opt for Amazon protection if you would like, for only a few dollars more.

Overview of Features

This stethoscope is a bit more expensive than other options on the market, but this is supported nicely by its brand, bonus features, and general professional quality. The design was evolving ever since 1971, and it being handcrafted is another huge bonus considering the value for money.

The chest piece has a digital-analog watch that you can check while keeping an eye on your patients, and not breaking the flow of conversation which is very important to make them feel safe and relaxed. The dimensions of the stethoscope are surprisingly big for its lightweight and slim design, and this makes it incredibly easy to transport and handle even when you’re in a rush.

Aside from the spare ear tips set we already mentioned, you will get three ear tips set with different sizes, which are small, medium, and large. You can then pick the most comfortable size and make sure your ears aren’t irritated at the end of the workday.

How to Use

Using a stethoscope is pretty easy, and most models have the same rules applied to them. Find a quiet environment for listening, put the ear tips inside your ears, and touch the point on their chest with the diaphragm of the stethoscope. Then, move the diaphragm around until you find what you’re looking for.

Also, make sure to handle the PVC tubing of the stethoscope carefully, so it doesn’t break and don’t allow it to come into prolonged direct contact with the skin since it can make it prone to shattering. Finally, don’t store the stethoscope in places that are too hot or cold, or expose them to moisture. This may break some parts, and you will be required to replace them.


The price is the only thing you might have disliked about the product we reviewed. For that reason, we will present you with an alternative budget option.

MDF Instruments Acoustica Stethoscope has features similar to the Pulse Time stethoscope, but it’s a lot more affordable. Of course, it sports a lower quality of sound, but it is a perfect option for those who aren’t professional doctors.


We have gone over some of the critical features of the MDF Instruments Pulse Time Stethoscope, and what we’ve found is that it’s more expensive and more professional than most alternatives on the market, but you are guaranteed an excellent quality of sound and base endurance if you decide to purchase it.

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