Best Stethoscope for Nurses – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

Best Stethoscope for Nurses

When you’re spending long hours at the hospital or traveling as a nurse, you want to ensure that you have the best stethoscope possible.

There are many things that you need to take into consideration when purchasing one, and they don’t always involve matching them with your colorful scrubs. Comfort, durability, reliable warranties, acoustic quality, and noise cancellation are all aspects of finding the best stethoscope for nurses.

That said, we’ve gathered five stethoscopes for you to look at and evaluate them thoroughly so that you can be sure you’re getting what you need.

Best Stethoscope for Nurses Reviews

Paramed Dual Head Stethoscope

PARAMED Stethoscope - Classic Dual Head Cardiology for Medical, Clinical and Home Use by Paramed - Suitable for Men Women Nurse Pediatric Infant - 22 inch
3,213 Reviews
PARAMED Stethoscope - Classic Dual Head Cardiology for Medical, Clinical and Home Use by Paramed - Suitable for Men Women Nurse Pediatric Infant - 22 inch
  • Get reliable results: ensure you get the accurate information possible when it comes to your patient's vitals with the Dual Head Stethoscope by Paramed
  • High-quality material: Paramed cardiac stethoscopes are created from the royal latex-free materials, with a stainless steel head and non-chill rim. Suitable for both nursing and doctor practice
  • Full set: two replacement soft ear tips, name tag holder, diaphragm replacement inside carry case
  • Anatomically designed: headset is angled to channel sound directly into the ear canal via a binaural master tubing and soft ear covers stethoscope

The Paramed brand was established in 2014, but despite their young age, the company has made quite the name for themselves in the medical industry. Their promise to focus on care, simplicity, courage, and trust has enabled them to build reliable and dependable relationships with their customers.

By offering not only reliable stethoscopes but other healthcare tools, Paramed has been able to create a service where customers can get purchasing advice from qualified healthcare professionals before buying. The Paramed Dual Head Stethoscope is one of their top sellers, so we took a look at what makes it so good.


Paramed ensured that their dual head stethoscope was latex-free and manufactured using only the highest quality stainless steel for the head and non-chill rim. The unique and anatomical design is perfectly angled to introduce clear acoustics while minimizing feedback from low- and high-frequency sounds.

It’s very lightweight and durable, as well as comfortable to wear around your neck. Paramed also spent the proper amount of time making sure that their product provided accurate readings of breathing sounds, heartbeats, and blood pressure measurements.


  • Outstanding and prompt customer service
  • Comes with an additional diaphragm and earpieces
  • Acoustics are very clear
  • Long-lasting and easy to carry around


    No locking indication when heads are aligned

    Earpieces aren’t as soft as some other stethoscopes

    Hose connection can sometimes slip when switching from bell to diaphragm

White Coat Dual Head Professional Stethoscope

White Coat Dual Head Stethoscope, Lightweight and Acoustical with Protective Case – Jet Black Plus LED Pen Light Pupil Gauge
244 Reviews
White Coat Dual Head Stethoscope, Lightweight and Acoustical with Protective Case – Jet Black Plus LED Pen Light Pupil Gauge
  • HIGH-QUALITY - Our professional stethoscope is entirely handcrafted and delicately balanced with precise care.
  • DUAL HEAD - We provide two areas of listening for specific sounds on either side.
  • ENHANCED Acoustics - Test with ultra-sensitive acoustics and durable quality.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - Feel free to work in any conditions with our automatic lifetime guarantee.
  • ACCESSORY KIT AND LED PEN PUPIL LIGHT GAUGE - Medical-grade pen light with pupil gauge is perfect to check areas of the eyes, mouth, and throat. Enjoy our included accessory kit with a name tag, 4 silicone ear tips, and 1 membrane.

Companies like White Coat understand the importance of manufacturing reliable medical equipment that can help save the lives of patients, and make the diagnosis process easier. The brand has always promised to put their customers and the patients of their customers first, so they’ve worked diligently to produce a line of medical tools that are reliable and safe. In addition to stethoscopes, they offer an array of other tools used by healthcare professionals.

The White Coat Dual Head Professional Stethoscope is our second product to review, but is it the best stethoscope for nurses?

Being lightweight, nurses can comfortably wear the stethoscope around their neck while attending to patients. It’s designed in a way where the acoustics are amplified, and background noise is canceled out with the help of the thick, single tubing and high-quality diaphragm. White Coat also used high-quality stainless-steel and non-latex material during the manufacturing process.

It comes with silicone ear tips that are adjustable and can be removed if you wish to replace them with others. Additionally, White Coat provides customers with a lifetime warranty that starts once the product gets registered through their website. You will also receive a very sturdy carrying case that protects your stethoscope when you purchase the White Coat Dual Head Professional Stethoscope.


  • Includes lifetime warranty
  • Great acoustic clarity with minimal interference
  • Extremely affordable
  • Easy to carry around


  • Feels tight on the ears due to the spring
  • Earpieces are tough (but can be replaced)
  • Not as flexible as some others

MDF Instruments Single Head Stethoscope

MDF MD One Stainless Steel Stethoscope, Adult, Black Tube, Black Chestpieces-Headset, MDF777BO
8,961 Reviews
MDF MD One Stainless Steel Stethoscope, Adult, Black Tube, Black Chestpieces-Headset, MDF777BO
  • TRUSTED by Doctors, Nurses, Students, Home Health, Medical Providers since 1971 | Backed by our Full Lifetime Warranty & Free-Parts-For-Life Program | Latex-Free
  • MD ONE line is known for performance, durability and aesthetics. Constructed from acoustically-superior stainless steel. Makes a great gift with over 20 color variations to choose from.
  • CHESTPIECE: dual head stethoscope for adult diagnostics that delivers accurate transmission of heart, lung, and stomach (gastrointestinal, bowel, etc.) sounds, and blood pressure flow (Korotkoff) sounds with acoustic integrity and clarity in doctor, nurse, student, etc. clinical settings or home settings. TRUE BELL & TRUE DIAPHRAGM: designed with a turnable, fully rotating stem for diaphragm and bell side to capture high or low frequency sounds as needed.
  • PATENTS to maximize sound performance, durability and comfort for extended use, including our ErgonoMax Headset with dual-leaf spring construction, patented Acoustic Pyramid Chamber and patented SafetyLock Eartip adaptors that are non-invasive and lead the industry in user safety.
  • TUBING that is flexible and thicker for better sound transmission, longer for your comfort and latex free. INCLUDES: 3 pairs of ComfortSeal soft silicone eartips in sizes small, medium and large, extra diaphragm and ID tag.

MDF Instruments has been manufacturing quality medical equipment for nearly 50 years. During that time, they’ve become one of the most highly respected and reputable companies in the medical equipment industry. Their customers love them, the company gives back to the community, and the brand works diligently to keep up with their commitment to stay true to their core values.

Crafting wellness is just one of the pledges that MDF Instruments has made, and since their promise, they have brought medical professionals and organizations to more than 90 countries to provide support. We wanted to give that support back by giving an honest and genuine review of the MDF Instruments Single Head Stethoscope.

The MDF Instruments Pulse Stethoscope comes inclusive of a digital LCD clock that helps nurses, physicians, and other medical personnel manage their patient well, as it offers more accuracy when monitoring and timing their breathing sound and heart rate. MDF patented the pulse time chest piece, and it has a 24-hour liquid crystal clock that heightens the appearance and experience of using the stethoscope.

Additionally, the stethoscope is made from an incredibly high-quality material that consists of latex-free PVC rubber, and a patented internal metal chamber that clarifies acoustics. Other MDF-patented features are the ErgonoMax and ComfortSeal ear tips with SafetyLock that are designed to ensure the stethoscope remains in place.


  • Comes with an ID tag and an ultra-sensitive fiber diaphragm
  • The clock is durable and precise.
  • Includes unique internal metal chamber for acoustics


  • The aluminum chest piece isn’t as great as the stainless steel.
  • Might experience issues with background noise
  • The color contrast might cause problems with reading the clock.

Erka Finesse 2 Dual Head Stethoscope

Finesse2 Stethoscope by Erka for Medelita with patented dual diaphragm and polished chrome
  • Comes with functional carrying case. Made in Germany by ERKA, a 133 year old company.
  • Highly glossed polish, featuring a non-porous, chrome-plated brass chestpiece.
  • Dermatologically safe. Perfect surface hygiene. Dual-head chest-piece with 2 convex diaphragms.
  • Bell with non-chill rim for sensitive patients.
  • A dual-head stethoscope that is a switchable chest-piece for auscultation on both adults and children. Both sides are designed with a prestressed convex diaphragm for brilliant sound transmission and resonance. Featuring two super soft sets of ergonomic ear tips for perfect sealing out of background noises.

The Erka company was founded by Richard Kallmeyer in 1889 and has made an impressive name for itself in nearly 130 years of operation. Initially starting with developing blood pressure instruments, the company has since moved into providing other medical equipment that meets high standards.

Erka commits to manufacturing all of their products with the type of passion and efficiency that’s needed to provide reliable medical tools. Their instruments can be found in over 100 countries, and are made in Germany. Of all of their products, we are looking at the Erka Finesse 2 Dual Head Stethoscope to see if it’s the best stethoscope for nurses.

The Erka Finesse 2 comes in an array of colors that can suit almost anyone’s needs and works brilliantly for medical professionals in cardiology, pediatrics, and other specialties. The switchable chest piece provides optimal acoustics on adults, infants, and children, and features dual-channel tubing.

The Erka Finesse 2 is made of high-quality materials that include a stainless-steel dual head and non-latex rubber. It minimizes all background noises to almost nothing and can be cleaned with basic medical-grade soaps. The quality and craftsmanship that Erka puts into their products are clearly demonstrated with the Erka Finesse 2.


  • Outstanding sound quality
  • Last for years provided it’s taken care of properly
  • Designed and constructed with high-quality materials
  • Switchable chest piece


  • Slightly more expensive than other stethoscopes
  • Heavier than others

Bojing Multifunctional Type Stethoscope

KINCREA Water Quality Tester, Accurate and Reliable 0-9990ppm, EC Meter & Temperature Meter 3 in 1TDS Meter JR021
1 Reviews
KINCREA Water Quality Tester, Accurate and Reliable 0-9990ppm, EC Meter & Temperature Meter 3 in 1TDS Meter JR021
  • 【High Accuracy With premium quality titanium alloy probe and ACT(Automatic Temperature Compensation) function, the water quality tester reads accurately at various temperatures.
  • 【3 in 1 Function This TDS meter can test TDS,EC and temperature. Its measuring range of TDS is 0-9999 ppm with accuracy: 2%, while the EC range 0-9999 us/cm and the temp range is 32. 0-212°F- 0-99. 0°C with accuracy 0. 1℃.
  • 【Auto Hold and Turn Off The reading result will be auto-locked on LCD in seconds. To safe the power supply, the water tester will shut down automatically after 5 minutes stand by.
  • 【Upgrade LCD Backlit Display Unlike traditional screen, the water tester designed with advance LCD backlit display, which is easier and clearer to be read. KINCREA product includes 1 year .
  • 【Compact Design Come with a leather case, this TDS meter is portable to be carry away. You can test water anywhere to get the purest drinking water.

Bojing is an e-commerce brand that is mostly recognized for selling stethoscopes, but they also sell other health and wellness products such as blood meters, ovulation and pregnancy tests, and yoga mats. Though the company has a vast variety of stethoscopes available for purchase, even ones that cater to children’s playtime, we reviewed the Bojing Multifunctional Type Stethoscope. We wanted to ensure that we examined one that is beneficial for nurses and can be used in a variety of departments and situations.

The Bojing Multifunctional Type Stethoscope is designed to offer dependable and clear acoustic performance while listening to breathing sounds, heartbeats, and even bowel movements through the abdomen. It has an adjustable diaphragm that makes it easy for you to apply more or less pressure to the patient, making it easier to hear low- or high-frequency sounds; Bojing recommends using the smaller bell side of the dual head for optimal low-frequency pickups.

Additionally, Bojing designed their stethoscope in a way that the tubing, earpieces, and earbuds can be taken apart to be cleaned or replaced as needed. The headset is also anatomically designed for optimal comfort and angled to minimize background noise when resting in the ear canals.

It has a non-chill rim that makes it comfortable for your patients, and the device itself is made from high-quality, environmentally-friendly rubber, while the dual head is made of stainless steel. The angled ear tubes align easily with ear canals, and Bojing offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their stethoscope.


  • Very affordably priced
  • Appealing blue color
  • Comes with additional earpieces


  • Very heavy
  • Not overly sensitive to sound
  • Not suitable for entry-level people as it comes with no instructions or labels for the pieces


Whether you are in nursing school or you’re working as a full-time nurse, it’s imperative that you have a stethoscope. Many hospitals and clinics do offer stethoscopes that cater to everyone, but ensuring that you have something that suits your needs is what’s best. We examined acoustics, price, brand reputation, materials used, and other factors when determining what we think is the best choice for a nurse, and we found our answer.

The Erka Finesse 2 Dual Head Stethoscope is without a doubt the best stethoscope for nurses 2018. It might be slightly more expensive than other models that you would come across, but you get what you pay for.

The company has been manufacturing medical instruments for decades, and they’ve mastered the art of the stethoscope. Not only does the stethoscope have a switchable chest piece, but it also has outstanding acoustics that can’t be beaten.

That said, we do understand that it might not be in everyone’s budget. Thus, if you are looking for something that’s more affordable and provides excellent results, we highly recommend the White Coat Dual Head Professional Stethoscope. It has fantastic acoustics, a lifetime warranty, and it’s very affordable.

Written by Must Med Tool

Best Stethoscope – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

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